The Tri Tech OTR Loader Retrofit kit economically converts the loader that only accepts OTR containers to an all purpose loader that accepts Postal Pak containers. This conversion will realize immediate cost savings by increasing mail flow effectiveness due to the reduced need to stockpile OTR containers and the increased use of the more easily stored and shipped Postal Pak containers. And the conversion is accomplished for less than half the cost of a new Automatic Container Loader.




  • Existing chute modified to accept taller Postal Pak container
  • Existing chute gate and motor assembly replaced with new gate actuated by either air or electric actuators
  • New controls, if necessary, to replace existing controls
  • Existing screen guards upgraded if necessary to meet OSHA compliance
  • Addition of entry way photo cells to replace entry way limit switch enhances safety
  • Site survey by Tri Tech to verify dimensions of each installation site
  • Retrofit bay will accept Tri Tech Postal Pak cart
  • Pricing flexibility due to purchasing and installation options.
  • Contact Tri Tech for full listing of options
  • Pricing is dependant on quantity and layout
  • Contact Tri Tech for specific quotes.