The Tri Tech ACL 3000 meets specification number USPS-L-3152 for Box Container Loader assemblies.In addition, we have applied the same design expertise demonstrated in our Container Unloader to the ACL to improve the life cycle of the unit. A few of these improvements include using structural angle rather than tubing to mount the frame to the floor, increasing the radius on the turned down section of the main pivot bar and welding the frame to the bucket.

Tri Tech Equipment, Inc.


  • Automatic operation controlled by Allen Bradley MicrologicPLC controller utilizing USPS provided program
  • Fully raised height of 55 degrees
  • Loader automatically stops during descent to allow gentle loading
  • Chute gate available with either air or electric actuator
  • Safety circuit includes entry way photo sensors, access gate limit switch and obstruction detector under loader cradle
  • Indicator lights at entry to indicate machine status
  • ACL3000 accepts Tri Tech Postal Pak cart

Tri Tech Equipment, Inc.


  • Overall Width: 67 inches 

  • Overall Length: 92.13 inches

  • Overall Height: 92.50 inches

  • Height of Bay: 80.88 inches

  • Inside Bay Width: 48 inches

  • Frame Anchors: 5/8 x 6
    chemical epoxy by 11 places 

  • Max Rotation:55 degrees 

Tri Tech Equipment, Inc.